Academic leave for family reasons: reasons and rules for registration
How to Write a College Application for Family Reasons
Sample application at your own expense. applications for leave at your own expense All forms.
KBK - income tax
BCC for 2021 (budget classification codes for 2021)
Paying tax in 2021: new rates Procedure for paying income tax in 2021
Kbk Personal Income Tax From Dividends In 2021 Sample Payment Order
As always, we will try to answer the question “Kbk Personal Income Tax With Dividends In 2021
KBK Personal Income Tax 2021 for legal entities, from employees and for dividends
KBK for payment of penalties for personal income tax for individual entrepreneurs PENALIES, INTEREST, FINES KBK Penalties, interest,
Working process
Maximum vacation: who is entitled to 56 days of paid vacation per year?
Home / Labor Law / Vacation Back Published: 06/09/2016 Reading time: 7 min
What documents and certificates are issued to an employee upon voluntary dismissal in 2021?
When resigning of your own free will, you should know what certificates are required when resigning an employee of your own free will
Financial sanctions in the Pension Fund payment order. Sample of filling out a payment order (insurance contribution for individual entrepreneurs)
Starting from 2021, someone else can pay taxes for an individual entrepreneur, organization or individual. Then
What to write in line 040 in 6-NDFL - filling rules. Reasons for the difference between fields 040 and 070 in section 1
Filling out form 6-NDFL raises many questions among tax agents who accrue and pay income to individuals
How to pay fixed payments to individual entrepreneurs in 2021 for yourself: in what time frame, KBK for transfer
In this article we will look at a payment order to the Pension Fund. Let's learn about the rules for filling out an order.
Is sick leave taxable? Personal income tax on sick leave
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Is sick leave taxable? Employers are often interested in the question: “Is sick leave taxable?
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