Complaint against VTB Bank: how and where to file
Reasons for complaints to VTB The most common reason for complaints is the banking organization’s violation of regulations
My version of the complaint against the decision to bring to administrative responsibility for the “coronavirus” offense
Sample application to appeal a decision under Art. 14.19 Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation In the Arbitration Court of Sverdlovsk
Man and woman in a car showroom
Author Sergey Ershov Registration number in the register of lawyers of St. Petersburg - 78/5563 In a car showroom
Help me write a complaint to the housing department. Our elevator often breaks down several times a day | Nizhnevartovsk
The elevator does not work Where: Housing Control and Construction Supervision Service of the Krasnoyarsk Territory 660049,
Return of train tickets
What tickets can be returned through The procedure for canceling train passes purchased through the service is regulated
The contractor does not transfer documentation on the project. What to do with payment
Why does the customer have the right to demand documents from the contractor? The supplier is obliged to hand over to the client along with the result
Pre-trial claim to Rosgosstrakh under compulsory motor liability insurance: rules and example of writing a letter, required documents, methods of submission
What is the telephone number of the Rosgosstrakh insurance company hotline? There is a unified help desk that receives requests
Sample of cancellation of a court order to collect debts on utility bills
It is known that residents of apartment buildings are required to pay utility bills and services. Among them
Illegal withdrawal of money from a card by bailiffs
Procedure for bailiffs As you can see, the procedure for collecting debt from a bank card has a certain
How long does it take for money to be returned to the card from the store: terms of money return, how long does the bank return money to the card
How to return money to a Sberbank card? Every day you and I do a huge amount
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