How to conclude and execute an agreement by email?
Today, in commercial organizations when working with counterparties, the use of electronic
Government procurement
How an open procurement competition is held under 44-FZ and its timing: everything you need to know
Competitive Bidding Competitive bidding is a procurement that uses competitive bids among bidders.
Fair and unfair competition
Unfair competition: how to fight it?
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Memo – Changes in the volume of work, services, quantity of goods within 10%
How to change government contracts for construction work Since 07/01/2019, 44-FZ has new grounds for
How to refuse a won tender without consequences
What are the grounds for disagreement? Part 1 of Art. 421 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation indicates whether it is possible to refuse
New changes to Law No. 44-FZ on the contract system. Effective from July 1, 2021. Purchase from a single supplier up to 3 million (clause 4 of Article 93)
Let's figure out step by step what is needed to conclude a contract with a single supplier under Federal Law 44, when
How to file a complaint to the FAS, sample application
Extrajudicial and judicial appeal procedure: what is the difference? First of all, the period for
Bank guarantee under 44-FZ: terms, actions, receipt, requirements and verification
BANK GUARANTEE UNDER 44 FZ. Everything you need to know about bank guarantees for bidding
Commencement of the validity period The guarantor is signed by the parties to the agreement and begins to operate before the execution of the contract. IN
A universal template for requesting any information from government agencies
Massiveness of sending requests for submission of documentation The right to send requests is vested starting from the Accounting
NDA (confidentiality agreement) works in Russian law. I'll prove it to you
Why sign a Corporate secret is information that is of particular value to the organization and allows for effective
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