Measuring the noise level in an apartment
Permissible noise level Sanitary and epidemiological standards establish the maximum permissible noise level in residential premises. Their
What documents are needed for a mortgage at Sberbank
Package of documents for a mortgage at Sberbank in 2021
A detailed analysis of the situation in which
Emergency house: what is it? An emergency house is considered to be a house that is recognized in accordance with the established procedure as unsuitable for
Agreement for the donation of a room in a communal apartment
Is it possible to sell a room through donation? A sale is a transaction for consideration, according to which the seller
Features of a commercial mortgage
The essence of obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of non-residential premises Commercial real estate is a premises, when used
Land valuation
Price functions Price functions in a market economy: Accounting. Price allows you to take into account and measure costs
Real estate transactions. We carry out competently (Beginning. Continued in the next issue) Real estate transactions - a process
receipt with money
Should the tenant pay for major repairs?
The director of the legal service “Unified Center for Protection” ( Konstantin Bobrov answers: Article 156 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation
Documents required for donating an apartment with a mortgage
Is it possible to donate an apartment with a mortgage?
What the law says In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a citizen has the right to independently dispose of his
How to exchange an apartment for an apartment: with and without surcharge
About the correctness of terms First of all, we need to make a reservation that in fact the word “exchange”
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