How to discharge a person from a municipal apartment
Answers the director of the legal service "Unified Center for Protection" ( Konstantin Bobrov: If a young son has
Eviction of a disabled person from an apartment
Discharge of a disabled person from an apartment with his consent If the citizen with a disability himself does not object
Application to the Investigative Committee: sample 2021, where to complain, how to submit an application
How should a witness be summoned for questioning according to the law? According to Part 1 of Article 188 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation
About donating an apartment with a debt. Underwater rocks
Gift agreements are concluded quite often in our country. In some cases, along with a gift
How can I find out which HOA maintains a house at an address? List of different methods
Reasons for searching Residents of a building turn to a management company in a variety of cases. First of all,
Payment for gas meter replacement
How to replace a gas meter
Free legal consultation over the Internet 24 hoursLawyer for housing issues in St. Petersburg. Free legal consultations
How to issue a power of attorney to receive a pension at the post office and at home
Forms of power of attorney Is it possible to obtain a pension under a power of attorney to care for a pensioner? To choose from
Is it necessary to privatize a cooperative apartment? The right to privatize a cooperative apartment has only the person who has entered into
Having issued a deed of gift for a piece of real estate, the donor must know that ownership will be transferred to him
Instructions for merging two land plots into one
The concept of combining land plots When two (or more) adjacent land plots are combined into one,
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