According to the Federal State Statistics Service and the Unified Interdepartmental Information and Statistical System
Statistics of marriages and divorces in Russia by year in table form (2020)
Official statistics of divorces in Russia In 2021, the number of divorces decreased compared to
how to forget your ex wife
How to stop loving someone you love very much?
Divorces in the modern world have long become commonplace. But despite this, even
How can a single mother receive Putin's benefits?
Who can get a Single mother is a woman who decided to raise a child on her own. In the territory
wife filed for alimony
Is it possible to apply for alimony while living together?
More and more often, men in Russia complain: “My wife has filed for alimony.” Similar situations
Marriage contract and children: division of children, transfer of property after divorce and more
Home/Marriage contract/If there are children Legal relations between spouses are strictly regulated by the norms of the current legislation. Together with
A Grodno resident lost his job and did not pay child support for 5 months - now he “faces” a sentence
Alimony: who, to whom and in what amount should pay it?
13179 12 November 2021, 16:16 Grodno residentsmoneylawworkGrodno For five months, a Grodno resident did not pay child support
The procedure for state registration of divorce
Which authority has the right to register a divorce? According to Part 1 of Art. 35 of Law No. 143-FZ
statistics of divorces and marriages in the USSR
Family breakdown in the 21st century - divorce statistics and reasons for divorce
Home / Family Law / Main Causes of Divorce in Russia Statistics in 2021
Which authority has the right to register a divorce? According to Part 1 of Art. 35 of Law No. 143-FZ
How to make stamps in word?
How to type a self-type stamp. Instructions – Bureau “Seals and Stamps”
Author of the article: Yulia Kaisina Last modified: January 2021 66321 Legal confirmation of divorce is
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