Deduction for previous years in the personal income tax declaration 3 what to write 2021
Every taxpayer who pays personal income tax on his own or his employer does it for him has the right to declare
Universal transfer document for accounting and tax accounting (UPD): invoice and primary accounting document
Purpose of the UTD The universal transfer document is an invoice combined with the primary document. on his
How to return overpayment of taxes from the Federal Tax Service
Based on the legal position of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, set out in the Resolution of February 28, 2006
What does a tax consultant do?
Online consultations on tax legislation
Legal advice on taxes Areas Legal advice on taxes for individuals; Explanation of the delivery procedure
Tax deduction for mortgage life insurance
Life insurance premium tax
Many Russian citizens who took out a housing loan have already received a tax deduction for life insurance
Few citizens, after buying or selling property, seek the information contained
How to reduce the tax penalty
How to correctly draw up a petition to the tax office for a reduction in the fine; a petition to the tax office for a reduction
Rostrud announced a reduction in wage debts. Why do experts smile?
No employee will work for his employer for free, so one of the main
The procedure for taxing gifts for employees with insurance premiums and personal income tax in 2021
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Taxes on winnings in 2021
Prizes in promotions Bookmakers Casino gambling Foreign lotteries Responsibility for
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