How do the Rights of a Child differ from the Rights of an Adult?
The difference between the rights of a child and the rights of adults Goals and objectives: to show how the situation of children has changed
Family forms of placement of orphans and children left without parental care
Forms of arrangements for children left without care Protection of children left without parental care is
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Daughter Does Not Perform Maternal Responsibilities Where to Contact
What living conditions are considered inappropriate for raising children? Every child deserves decent living conditions.
Child's rights to parents' housing - picture
How, according to the new law of 2021, the housing interests of a child are protected when parents divorce
From the moment of birth, a newborn is endowed with a certain amount of rights, the strict observance of which is regulated
Personal non-property rights of minor children
The right to live in a family A child can live in a family and receive from his parents
Mutual rights and obligations of spouses, parents and children.
The rights and obligations of spouses are usually divided into two groups - personal non-property and
Teenager and the law. methodological development (grade 8) on the topic
Law and legal status of a teenager According to the “Explanatory Dictionary of the Modern Russian Language” by Dmitry Nikolaevich Ushakov:
How to establish paternity and collect child support
Alimony and paternity Parents are obliged to support their own children, including through payments
What rights does a minor child registered in an apartment have?
Instructions for purchasing an apartment with registered minor children and possible risks
Protection of the rights of minor children extends to all areas of life. Children under the age of majority must
10 principles of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, as observed in the Russian Federation
Contents of the Declaration The main provision of the adopted Declaration was that “humanity is obliged to give the child
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