How to discharge a temporarily registered person without his consent?
Home » Buying and selling an apartment » How to deregister a temporarily registered person without his consent For a long-term
Disciplinary action for violating trade secrets
What is a trade secret? This term usually refers to information that is not generally known.
What are the conditions for obtaining a mortgage at VTB 24? 8 lending programs and registration stages according to bank rules
One of the largest and most reliable banks in Russia is VTB. In 2021 the bank
Is it possible to change the purpose of a land plot? How to change the type of land use?
Changing the type of permitted land use
Our country ranks first in the world in terms of territory size. It would seem that this is where
How to properly register for external part-time work and what guarantees it provides
Many citizens of the country are forced to work at several enterprises at the same time in order to have enough money to pay
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How many reprimands does it take to get fired?
What is a reprimand and how does it differ from a reprimand? Article 192 of the Russian Labor Code
How to calculate land tax?
Paying taxes concerns every Russian, but there are categories of citizens who donate money to the budget
What to do if tenants ask for temporary registration? Pros and cons, how to perform the procedure correctly?
When temporary registration is needed Registration in an apartment can be: at the place of stay - temporary;
Mortgage for maternity capital
How to get a mortgage using maternity capital - conditions for obtaining in 2021 and examples of calculations + review of banks with favorable mortgage rates
Published: 01/01/2019 Updated in May 2021 Lack of housing conditions or need to improve them
cadastral passport
Photo of the cadastral passport for the house
A cadastral passport is an extract from the state cadastre. The document was prepared by Rosreestr and was used until
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