Regulatory framework Current legislation regulates, through regulations at the federal level, aspects of the appointment
Claim for division of personal account sample 2021
Statement of claim for division of a personal account Relevance of information on how to draw up a claim yourself
Home / Alimony / In what cases is it permissible to reduce the amount of child support? To
Sample objection to a claim for divorce
Application for divorce through court
What actions are provided to raise an objection to a divorce? Procedural legislation regulates actions that
Article 155. Disclosure of the secret of adoption
Qualifying characteristics Based on the text of Article 155 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Disclosure of the secret of adoption -
Is it possible to indicate a mortgaged apartment in a will: legislative norms, necessary documents
Is it possible to bequeath an apartment with a mortgage? In Art. 1120 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation states that it is possible
How to divide a house
2 Division of property is generally common, although sometimes associated with conflicts between co-owners
How can a single mother get an apartment from the state?
Russian legislation on single mothers Until recently, there was no
Request to postpone the hearing
Petition to postpone the date of consideration of the administrative case
Break in the consideration of the case Postponement of the court hearing is regulated by Art. 169 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation. Underneath this
A certificate confirming the fact of marriage is, in most cases, only important for ex-wives who
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