mother raises child alone
Reducing the amount of alimony upon the birth of a third child in a second family
Author of the article: Lina Smirnova Last modified: January 2021 9211 Parents are required to support their own
Collection of child support from a non-working father: amount of payments in 2015
Today, the issue of collecting alimony payments from a non-working parent is a cornerstone issue, since
How to return child support in Russia if the child is not yours
At the birth of a child, the question of establishing paternity does not arise for citizens who are officially married.
How can I properly apply for alimony: through State Services or the court website?
Can parents in Russia apply for child support for their children? The right of parents in need
How to collect child support if the parent is a minor
Parents who decide to have a child, regardless of their age and social status, thereby take
How to get a divorce if you have minor children
According to Art. 80 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, the responsibility for maintaining minor children lies with them
Alimony shares of income: 25, 33, 50 or 70 percent, advantages and disadvantages 
Issues of calculating alimony remain the most painful for former spouses. Everyone agrees that
Alimony for an abandoned child in a maternity hospital
Alimony for an abandoned child in a maternity hospital: consequences, features
Situations with mothers abandoning their children continue to be quite common. In a relationship
Reducing child support upon the birth of a second child
The leader of advisory and legal forums remains the question of how to reduce the amount of alimony due to
Withholding of alimony in the amount of 70 percent of salary
Author of the article: Anastasia Ivanova Last modified: January 2021 22198 Calculation of alimony by percentage method
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