How to make changes to the staffing schedule correctly
Grounds and reasons for changes Taking into account the handbook on the qualifications of workers' positions,
Sample of filling out the introductory briefing log on labor protection
List of occupational safety magazines that should be in the enterprise
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Legal topics are very complex but, in this article, we
The reasons for withholding funds can be either divorce with the collection of alimony, or various compensations
What to do if a writ of execution has been sent to work
What can be done if a writ of execution has been sent to work? Opposition to the implementation of a writ of execution is
Work injury: employer actions and payments in 2019
Sooner or later, every company manager happens to dismiss an employee for reasons beyond his control.
occupational safety training
How to Develop a Safety Training Program
Who develops the training program At the enterprise, the occupational safety training program is developed by the heads of structural
How to properly make a copy of a work record book
How to properly certify a copy of the work book for your employee “currently working”
Home / Labor Law / Work record book Back Published: 06/18/2018 Reading time: 8
Sick leave payments
Deadline for providing sick leave to the employer
— The person just got sick, the coronavirus had nothing to do with it, it was a completely ordinary illness. IN
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How many years do you need to work to retire?
Home / Labor Law / Payment and Benefits / Pension Back Published: 01/28/2019 Time
Dismissal at will: step-by-step instructions for 2020, what documents are needed
Dismissal at will: step-by-step instructions for 2021, what documents are needed
The process of terminating the relationship between employer and employee in Russia is clearly regulated by labor legislation. Despite
What to do if you need to correct an entry in the work record book?
Home / Labor Law / Personnel Management / Personnel Records Back Published: 08/06/2016 Time
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