Finding relatives through a DNA test. Part 2 - Which DNA test to buy and how?
Genetic testing is the most popular type of modern research. DNA analysis can reveal accuracy
categories of dysfunctional families
An example of a description of a student’s dysfunctional family
Characteristics of a dysfunctional family - rules for drafting, mandatory items, example of lack of supervision of a minor:
How to receive alimony by agreement while married
Alimony in Ukraine: how to apply for it, receive it and how much alimony will be awarded in 2021
Minimum alimony in Ukraine For one child under 6 years of age: from 1
Article 113 of the Family Code
Article 113 of the RF IC. Determination of alimony debt (current version)
Since not all individuals who have alimony obligations fulfill them properly
palmistry how many marriages will there be
How to determine the number of marriages by date of birth: instructions for beginners
Palmistry - how many marriages there will be? Palmistry will answer the number of marriages in a few minutes. Divorces
How to divide a land plot into two or more plots - judicial and voluntary division procedure
Cases and conditions for dividing a land plot into several. A land plot can be divided in many ways.
How to donate a dacha - stages, necessary documents, cost
Transfer of ownership as a result of donation of a dacha, in accordance with Article 572 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation,
From hostilities to truce: what to do if children from different marriages hate each other?
When a young couple legalizes their relationship, both partners dream that they have a long and
Federal Law of November 15, 1997 N 143-FZ “On Acts of Civil Status” (as amended on October 25, 2001, April 29, 2002)
Federal Law of November 15, 1997 No. 143-FZ RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW On civil acts
How much does it cost to get a divorce through court?
Features of the divorce process in the presence of children
Divorce is a serious step. In such a situation, the issue of state duty is secondary. Family
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