Dividing the vacation into 3 parts
Each employee has the right to annual paid leave of at least 28 calendar days
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What is wage differentiation?
What it is? According to the provisions of Article 129 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the amount of remuneration should depend
Methodology for calculating employee wages
Business lawyer > Accounting > Remuneration > How are wages calculated?
Form, rules for writing and sample application for family circumstances But for this you need to obtain
Minimum wage - what is it and how does it differ from the minimum wage?
What is the difference between the minimum wage and the subsistence level in 2021 In the regions the subsistence level
what benefits do teachers have?
Young Teacher Program in Rural Areas 2021
To qualify for the project subsidy, you will need to move to the village
Methods and procedures for resolving labor disputes
Basic provisions The primary authority for resolving disputes between an employee and an employer is the commission
Rights and social guarantees of the unemployed
Social guarantees for the unemployed The state guarantees the unemployed: • unemployment benefits; • free vocational guidance,
Is it possible to hire an employee on a day off?
First, the boss forces you to work on weekends. And then he offers to work in the office on May 1...
Article 14.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. Carrying out business activities without state registration or without special permission (license) (current version)
When it comes to illegal business activities, many liberal-minded citizens have a surge in
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