We draw up a loan agreement between an individual and a legal entity
Many enterprises in their practice are faced with a problem when they need to complete a certain amount of work,
Rules for registering and writing off shortages during inventory
Identifying shortages during inventory - drawing up an inventory and postings
07/07/2019 0 334 5 min. To account for the inventory of an organization, it is necessary to regularly carry out an inventory.
How to correctly write a request for overtime to your boss.
Company managers sometimes have to involve workers in overtime work. This may be related
Employees must sign for the soap given to them. But since June something has changed
Flushing and neutralizing agents for workers - a list of flushing, protective and regenerating agents,
Order of dismissal for absenteeism - sample 2021
In order to dismiss an employee, the director of the organization must order the issuance of an order. At the legislative
From June 12, the requirements for drawing up an employment contract and the standards for issuing soap will change.
We indicate PPE in the contract. It is clear that each full-time employee of the organization must have
Purpose of MOL
Sample order for the appointment of responsible persons in the organization
The limits of an employee’s financial liability are determined on the basis of an employment contract concluded with the employer. Also certain
Account 51 in accounting: postings, characteristics, examples
Account Dt Account Kt Description of transaction 51 57 Cash “in transit” received at
Order on the appointment of a financially responsible person
Order on the appointment of a financially responsible person at the preschool educational institution 02/20/2019, 13:57. The issue of appointing financially responsible persons
Example title.jpg
Work books. Questions and answers on Chapter 2 “General rules for preparing work books”
The work book is the main document reflecting the employee’s work path from the moment of first employment until
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