How to write a memo for promotion of an employee: sample document
How to write a memo for promotion of an employee: sample document In a corporate environment
Time off to visit a doctor as a compelling justification for an employer
Life is such that a person may unexpectedly (or planned) need free time. Moreover, not
Pensioner's ID
Does maternity leave count towards work experience - useful information for young mothers
The question relates to the city of Rostov region, Sholokhov district, village Bazkovskaya Answers: Hello! This question
Calculation of compensation for several years of unused vacation upon dismissal
If an employee resigns, he must be paid compensation for all unused vacations. This is the requirement
Article 56 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The concept of an employment contract. Parties to the employment contract
An employment contract acts as the main regulator of legal relations arising between an employee and an employer. However
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How to register an employee during maternity leave of the main employee?
Often, employers are not very positive about hiring employees who are able to go on maternity leave.
In Russia, the minimum wage and the cost of living have increased. How will this affect salaries, vacation pay, benefits, pensions and capital?
If the salary for May increases due to the minimum wage for all employees of a structural unit, branch or
How to fill out and file a claim with the court for non-payment of wages after dismissal? Sample
If the employer did not pay wages on the day of dismissal of the employee (regardless of the initiator
Documents confirming payment of wages
Regulatory framework for primary documents To reflect any business transaction in accounting it is necessary
How to calculate vacation days for hours worked and payments
Is it possible to provide employees with basic leave in proportion to the time worked?
Legislative regulation The main regulatory document regulating the provision of compulsory rest to employees from work is the Labor Code
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