How to write a memo for promotion of an employee: sample document

How to write a memo for promotion of an employee: sample document

In a corporate environment, the relationship between employees and management often takes the form of business correspondence. One of its tools is a memo.

This document is used for informational purposes when an employee, for example, needs to make a request to his superiors. This article will look at a specific type of promotion memo.

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Disciplinary action for failure to fulfill official duties

Every person in the company has the right to write a note to any employee, regardless of his specific position. That is, theoretically, an ordinary employee can write a complaint to the general director against his immediate supervisor. In practice, every company has an unspoken order and its own hierarchy, but in principle all people have the opportunity to complain.

If a fact of non-fulfillment or insufficient conscientious fulfillment of official duties is discovered, the responsible persons have the right to draw up an official memorandum in accordance with the model adopted in the given company. Find out how to properly draw up such a document, what you need to pay attention to, and ready-made examples of notes in this article.

By which employee and for what purpose is it issued?

A notice of promotion is submitted to notify the manager that the employee is seeking to occupy a higher position from the company's available vacancies. This paper is drawn up by the head of the department and sent to the director of the enterprise. It presents the candidacy of a subordinate on the basis of:

  • increasing the overall length of service in the company;
  • gaining some experience in the department;
  • undergoing training or higher education (how to write a memo for employee training?);
  • advanced training;
  • labor differences.

If an employee independently writes to the head of the company, recommending himself for the desired position, the note in this case will be a report.

In what cases is it necessary

Many employers are wondering how to increase staff motivation.
To this end, some managers improve the psychological microclimate at the enterprise, while others create the most comfortable working conditions for employees. But, as always, the truth is simple: the best incentive to work is decent payment. And if the administration forgot about this, then employees have the right to remind them - orally or in writing - using a memo. Note that the second option is much more effective - in this case, the boss will not be able to refer to the fact that he forgot about the request. Labor legislation practically does not directly regulate the issue of when a memo regarding a salary increase is issued. Most often, workers turn to the employer with such paper in the following cases:

  • due to increased job responsibilities;
  • in connection with special services to the company;
  • if there has been advanced training;
  • due to the end of the probationary period;
  • if the salary remains unchanged over a long period of time. But inflation and rising prices do occur.

How to write: document content

The standard version looks like this:

  1. The person to whom the note is sent is indicated in the upper right corner. The name and position held are noted. The entry is made in the dative case.
  2. In the central part of the sheet the name of the document is written, and on the line below it is its registration number and the current date.
  3. Next comes the title line in the prepositional case. It should reveal the main topic of the letter.
  4. This is followed by a more detailed presentation of the text of the document. The grounds and circumstances that led to this subject of discussion are described, namely the positive qualities of the employee, his acquired knowledge, and differences. Everything that confirms his competence to obtain new job functions and deserves it. The conclusion is a specific proposal to promote the employee.
  5. At the bottom, the applicant is noted, in this case the immediate supervisor of the candidate for the new vacancy. His position, full name and personal signature are affixed.

As for the design of the form, the general rules also apply here:

  • using a white sheet of A4 paper;
  • font "Times New Roman";
  • size -14;
  • line spacing – 1.5;
  • The date format is allowed either entirely in numbers or in letters and numbers when writing the month.

Promotion of an employee: effective motivation with minimal costs

  1. How to legally formalize the promotion of an employee to a position.
  2. What mistakes do managers make when promoting employees?
  3. What is the procedure for promoting an employee?
  4. Why can you increase an employee's salary for the same position?
  5. Why can an employee be promoted?

The beginning of a new reporting period in most companies is closely related to personnel changes. The positions and salaries of subordinates, even the structure of the company, may change.

But personnel changes are not always properly documented and justified. Promotion of an employee is one of the most important management functions.

It allows you to interest the employee, make his work more productive, improve the climate within the company, its image, management, and strengthen its competitive position.

What does the document look like?

As an example, we can cite the “officer job” of an assistant in the marketing department who is applying for the vacant position of a marketer.

In the upper corner we write to the General Director of Main Group LLC, A.V. Stepanov.

Next: “Memo 10/18/2017 No. 36.”

The line below is “On the promotion of N.A. Eremin.”

After this the main text: “Eremin N.A.” has been working in the company since 04/07/2015, successfully coping with her responsibilities. During his work, he was often noted for his initiative and helping his colleagues. In September 2021, I received a diploma of completion of English language courses. In connection with the specified characteristics of the employee, I recommend Eremina N.A. to be promoted to the position of Marketing Manager.”

At the end of the letter: “Head of the Marketing Department E.P. Zaitseva.” After which, accordingly, a signature is placed.

What to write in the document

Let's move on to how to write a memo for a salary increase. The unified form of the form has not been approved. The application must be made in free form. Let's consider the basic rules for document preparation.

  • In the upper right corner we indicate the name of the organization, position and full name. the person to whom the service is intended;
  • We enter the applicant’s details - position and full name.

Text of the memo:

  • in the middle of the sheet we write the name of the document, in our case it is “Internal Note”;
  • just below is the heading: “On increasing wages”;
  • the text of the application contains information only on the case. It is advisable to indicate the amount of your desired salary.
  • Next we indicate the position and full name. the compiler, the date of compilation of the service record and the personal signature of the employee.

To transfer a document, use one of the methods supported by the organization:

  • through electronic document management;
  • with the help of the manager's secretary;
  • at a personal meeting with the employer.

A service document transferred to the employer using one of the above methods must be registered in the incoming correspondence log.

Following actions

If the request of the head of the department was favorably accepted by the head of the company, and it was decided to transfer the applicant to a new position, the preparation of some documents for this procedure is required. An order is issued to promote the employee , which must be familiarized to the candidate himself.

His new job responsibilities, functions and rights are announced to him. The order indicates the full name of the personnel, his personnel number, place of work (current and future), the amount of future wages and the memo itself as the basis for the transfer.

After this, on the basis of the order, appropriate entries are made in all documents relating to the personnel:

  • work book;
  • personal card;
  • time sheet;
  • personal account.

Registration procedure

Expert opinion

Musikhin Viktor Stanislavovich

Lawyer with 10 years of experience. Specialization: civil law. Member of the Bar Association.

The procedure for transfer to a higher position is determined by labor legislation and involves the following actions on the part of the enterprise’s personnel service employees:

  1. The immediate supervisor writes a memo or petition for a promotion, and the employee himself forms the application . These documents are approved by senior management.
  2. An additional agreement to the employment contract is drawn up in two copies. It must indicate the new position and salary, date of transfer, other information that changed with the promotion (work and rest schedule, allowances, bonuses, additional vacation days and other guarantees provided for by labor legislation and internal regulations of the enterprise). The agreement is signed by both parties and sealed with the blue seal of the organization.
  3. An order is issued in the appropriate form indicating the personnel number and full name of the employee, the previous and new position (place of work in the form of a department/shop/other unit), the basis for the transfer (memorandum, etc.). The order is provided to the employee for review and certified by his signature.
  4. Information about promotion is entered into the employee’s work book . To do this, in the job information section, enter the serial number of the entry, the date, and make a note “Transferred to position (name)” indicating the number and deadline for approval of the order for personnel transfer.
  5. The corresponding entry about the change of position is entered into the employee’s personal card with the obligatory completion of all columns, including the basis (order) for the transfer.
  6. The employee is provided with a job description to sign and become familiar with the new responsibilities.
  7. If necessary, changes made in connection with the transfer of an employee are made to the staffing table .

How to ask for a promotion: a guide to action

6 steps and proven tips for career advancement. You can wait a long time for the manager to remember your candidacy and offer you a promotion. Therefore, more than 50% of employees take initiative to climb the career ladder.

There are two components to the promotion algorithm: objective and subjective. Namely: high performance and a vote of personal confidence from the manager

Tactics and actions for career advancement

A well-constructed conversation with your boss about a job promotion guarantees 50% success

First step:

guess the time. Schedule a conversation with your boss about a promotion for the period when the results of the department's work are summed up. Try to keep your personal performance at its best.

A good reason, for example, would be:

  • exceeding the plan, concluding profitable deals, attracting new clients;
  • conducting analytical work and preparing a serious proposal to improve the efficiency of the production process;
  • — successful coordination of a common project in which several specialists participated.

Second step:

prepare for a conversation with your boss. Think over and be sure to write down the theses of your monologue. First, briefly and clearly formulate the purpose of the visit, and then you must justify the promotion: why you deserve to rise to a new step on the career ladder.

Justify your application with numbers and facts:

  • work on the implementation of successful projects and, if possible, announce the financial result (include small but important tasks in a separate block);
  • high-quality and timely (ahead of schedule) implementation of all assigned tasks; ability and/or willingness to work under pressure and organize employees;
  • obtaining a second education, taking courses, trainings, seminars; mention that you love your job and don’t forget about qualities such as dedication and punctuality.

Advice: in order for your speech to be effective, edit and shorten the speech set out on paper. The monologue should be short, but with a lot of facts, plus moderately emotional.

  • do not use the performance of your colleagues as an argument;
  • do not say that you work, for example, 12 hours, without days off or vacation;
  • Don’t give ultimatums, like if you don’t get the appointment, then quit.

Third step:

rehearse your speech. Don't embarrass yourself and do it in front of a mirror. A monologue on the topic: why you deserve to climb to the next step of the career ladder should sound convincing.

It is necessary to speak: clearly and firmly; moderately emotional; without “swallowed” endings, without pauses for the selection of the necessary arguments, without filler words (“uh-uh”, “well”, “how to say”, and so on).

Advice: during a conversation, look your counterpart in the eyes and act confidently, like a person you can trust.

Fourth step:

choose the optimal time for the audience. Ask your secretary to arrange a meeting with your boss when he is least busy.

Please contact us with a request for a rendezvous if you are absolutely sure:

  • there is no production emergency;
  • no checks are carried out; important negotiations with partners are not planned;
  • the boss did not come under criticism from higher management...

Advice: It is very important that he is in a good mood. Therefore, the best time is immediately after the lunch break.

  • do not approach your boss and do not start a conversation casually - in the corridor, elevator, cafeteria, at a corporate event;
  • Don't be late for the meeting.

Fifth step:

enter the office when all visitors have left. Starting a conversation about promotion in the presence of third parties is highly undesirable. After all, confidential information may come to public discussion in advance, that is, the possibility of ill-wishers appearing is not excluded.

Sixth step:

Start your presentation with confidence! Then be prepared to answer any questions. Keep it concise and to the point. Advice: do not insist on an answer about promotion, as they say, “out of the blue.” Just ask when to approach to find out the solution.

In the meantime, the boss weighs the pros and cons (he may need several days), work as before.

Have you been denied a promotion?

This does not mean at all that the issue of career advancement is closed forever. Confident specialists make certain adjustments to their positions, and then, after six months or a year, they return to this issue again.

  • Be sure to ask your boss what doesn’t suit him in your attitude to your job duties or behavior.
  • Don’t argue or prove that you’re right, but write down each point and be sure to take your wishes into account.

How to get a promotion after a refusal

Become an indispensable specialist: valuable, manageable, safe for the manager and your request for a promotion will be granted

There are several main criteria that influence a manager’s decision: to promote a person or not. The first is the value of a specialist. The second is the employee’s controllability. The third is the safety of the subordinate for the boss.

The value of a specialist.

We are talking about the boss's confidence that you can achieve your goals and he will be satisfied with the results. It is in the boss’s interests to give promotions to candidates who can confidently delegate some of their responsibilities and engage in planning important tasks.

  • Always and timely report on the work done and achievements achieved.
  • Take over the functions of coordinating work on general and projects.
  • Even with a very heavy workload, do not refuse to attend formal and informal events.

Controllability by subordinates.

The boss must be sure that you will follow his instructions absolutely exactly. After all, he doesn’t need “surprises” associated with redoing work or rescheduling. He must also feel respected and willing to follow his orders.

  • Play by your boss's rules Show respect for him and his position.
  • Complete tasks accurately (if there are suggestions for optimizing any process, be sure to ask for advice).
  • Present your ideas head-to-head.
  • Don't argue or snap in front of your colleagues.
  • Don't use a commanding tone.

Employee safety for the manager.

Every boss wants to see professionals in his team, because the performance of the structural unit and, as a consequence, his personal career depend on their skills. The factor of trust in people working in a team is equally important. The boss, like any of us, strives to surround himself with like-minded people whose support he can count on, as well as those who will not set him up or trick him.

Tips: How to get a vote of confidence from your boss

  • Don't show your superiority over him.
  • Do not support opponents (if business communication with such people cannot be avoided, then he should know about the topic of negotiations).
  • Don't criticize him in the team.

And most importantly: don’t look for someone to blame and don’t blame yourself for not getting a promotion on the first try. Analyze the situation, identify bottlenecks and eliminate them. Hints can be found both in the manager’s arguments and in the publication “How to intensify career growth: what management is silent about.”

Source of the article:

Who can be the initiator

Articles 72-73 of the Labor Code are devoted to the issue of translation. The procedure implies (part 1 of article 72.1 of the Labor Code):

  • permanent or temporary change in functions;
  • structural unit (if it is specified in the contract);
  • transfer to another location together with the employer;
  • transfer to permanent work with another employer (clause 5, part 1, article 77 of the Labor Code).

Transfer to another job is possible only by agreement of the parties (Article 72.2 of the Labor Code) and is carried out on the initiative of:

  • employee;
  • employer.

The consent of the employee at the initiative of the employer is always required, except in cases of downtime or elimination of emergency situations (Parts 2, 3 of Article 72.2 of the Labor Code). A personal statement is always required to consider a request for transfer to another position, regardless of the reason.


Labor legislation prohibits moving to work that is contraindicated due to health conditions.

ConsultantPlus experts discussed how to transfer an employee to another position. Use these instructions for free.

How to ask for a raise correctly

Professionalism and high targets are the components for increasing wages. But management is not always aware of the needs of employees. Therefore, in this article we will talk about how to ask for a raise.

When talking about raising your salary or moving up the career ladder, follow these tips:

  • Prepare yourself mentally. Summarize your achievements over the last period: completed projects, finished results.
  • Do not blackmail or refer to the high salaries of your colleagues.
  • Ask for a promotion in the manager's office.
  • Don't be afraid to talk about a promotion. Prepare in advance. Present your boss with compelling arguments.

Some workers are afraid of getting their request rejected. In this case, specify the reasons for the refusal. Return to this conversation after a while. Offer to expand your responsibilities to increase your salary.

How to ask for a raise

If you have decided, then think about the best form in which to ask for a raise. You can express your wishes in writing or orally.

How to ask for a salary increase verbally?

To build an effective dialogue with your manager, adhere to the following rules:

  • Be friendly.
  • Value your time. Any manager will appreciate the brevity and consistency.
  • Make your proposals more specific.

A request for a promotion can be made in writing.

How to ask for a salary increase in writing?

To correctly compose a written notice, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules:

  • First, write a letter to your immediate supervisor.
  • The beginning of the letter is a friendly address to the boss.
  • Attach a file with your achievements.
  • In the letter, invite to a conversation about reviewing your income. Offer to meet in the next three days.
  • According to the rules of business etiquette, wait a day for an answer. During this time, work actively. After all, your work can be observed.

After receiving the answer, follow these steps:

  • Write down the main points in the form of abstracts.
  • Be calm and confident.
  • First, find out whether the manager agrees with your achievements. Tell us about your contribution.
  • Then move on to discuss the amount.

Following a salary increase, the logical question is how to ask for a promotion from your boss.

How to properly format a report

Such a document is an official confirmation of the employee’s disciplinary offense. In order for a disciplinary sanction to be imposed on him, management must be notified of the violation. This is why this type of report is used. It contains information about the offense and a request to take appropriate action.

  • the name of the unit addressing the note is located in the upper left corner;
  • the recipient of the note - his full name (initials are enough) and position must be indicated in the upper right corner;
  • the title of the document in capital letters in the middle of the sheet - REPORT NOTE (location on the left edge of the sheet margin is allowed);
  • below is the date in the format in Arabic numerals - this is the day the document was signed;
  • short summary of the report;
  • content in three separate blocks;
  • on the last line the signature of the author is placed with a transcript and the title of the position.

This is interesting: Form of Application to Court for the Return of a Disabled Person’s Confiscated Car

How to ask for a promotion

The issue of appointing a person to a certain position is within the competence of management. So please contact us verbally or in writing.

How to ask for a promotion verbally:

  • Evaluate your progress in the company.
  • Make an appointment for a personal meeting with the manager.
  • Present your merits in writing. Invite your boss to get to know them after your conversation.

If management is far away, contact us in writing.

How to ask for a promotion in writing:

  • State your arguments.
  • Write the letter in a business style with clear wording.
  • At the end of the letter, write the following sentence: “Please appoint me to the position...”.

These tips will help you correctly ask for a promotion. And that means resolving the issue of wages.

Sample memorandum of inadequacy for the position held

Having assumed a position, the employee is obliged to follow the instructions of his superiors , if they do not go beyond the previously agreed upon job responsibilities. Otherwise, the manager has the right to draw up a memo about failure to fulfill duties addressed to his superiors.

During work, each employee can record the fact of failure to fulfill official duties by his colleague (or several colleagues) and initiate (as well as write independently) the preparation of a corresponding memorandum according to a certain sample or in any form.

How to ask for a salary increase

When asking for a salary increase from management, the following recommendations will help you:

  • Analyze salaries at other companies. Assess your needs.
  • Present your results in digital equivalent.
  • It would be right to ask your boss for a salary increase after advanced training.
  • You need to ask for a salary increase wisely. Some employers will part with such an employee. Others will be afraid to be left without a valuable employee.
  • When discussing the amount, you can choose one of three strategies:

– Name the average salary of a specialist at your level.

– Ask how much you are valued as a specialist. On average, it is possible to ask for a salary increase of 15–20%.

– Offer a specific amount.

The question of how often you can ask for a salary increase is an open question for many. There is an unspoken rule that it is correct to ask for a salary increase after the first six months of work. To ask for a salary increase and not be refused, we advise you to work for a year in a certain position.

But if you were denied a promotion, check the time to re-address the issue.

Who writes and signs

A sample letter of notice for a salary increase is drawn up and signed:

  • an employee seeking a salary increase;
  • the employee’s immediate supervisor, who expresses his own opinion on this matter in a note and lists the merits of the subordinate (in this case, the chances of a salary increase are much higher).

Choosing the right time to ask for a raise

You should think carefully about when it's best to ask for a salary increase. Start from the following positions:

  • For several months you cope with your responsibilities perfectly.
  • You do a lot beyond your projects.
  • A suitable opportunity presented itself.
  • Ask for a raise in the afternoon.
  • If a serious mistake was made through your fault, then how long before you can ask for a salary increase worries many. Fix the error first. Then make your request.

Get the results you want. Let your manager know why your work makes sense for a pay raise.

Free legal assistance

The maximum salary for this position is 35 thousand rubles. Dubrovno I.F. receives 27 thousand rubles. In connection with achieving significant success in work and the need to reward an employee for impeccable work, I ask you to consider the possibility of promoting Dubrovno I.

According to an analysis of the salaries of workers in similar specialties in other organizations, the average monthly salary of a specialist of this level is 28–30 (twenty-eight to thirty) thousand rubles. Ivanov I.A.’s salary today is 23 (twenty-three) thousand rubles. In connection with the unconditional achievements in work and the need to reward the employee for impeccable work, I ask that Ivanov I.A.’s salary be increased by 7 (seven) thousand rubles. If the decision is positive, I ask you to make appropriate changes to the employment contract and other necessary documentation. 01/20/2021 (personal signature) Golubitsyn V.

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